38" Starter Acoustic Guitar with Performer Package KIT Bag:Tuner:Pick


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What an amazing deal on a small-bodied starter acoustic guitar! Its smaller profile (7/8" scale) makes it very playable for kids or aspiring guitarists with smaller body frames and hands. The performer kit gives you everything you need to take your guitar on the road including a gig bag, extra guitar picks, a tuner, strap & an extra E string.

  • Steel Strings | Wood Frame | Linden Binding
  • Catalpa Neck, Bridge & Fingerboard
  • Geared Tuning | Ships in Brown Box with No Internal Box Included
  • 38" Inches in Length
  • Performer Kit Includes: Gig Bag, Extra High E String, 3 Guitar Picks, Strap & Pitch Pipe Tuner